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Effective against Yellow & green enemies
Firing rate Fast
Damage per hit Little
Range Medium

The blowgun is a small metallic tube used as a weapon. By reloading it with various projectiles, such as berries, it is possible to fire fast and accurate shots. These weapons are given as rewards to any pupil of the School of Magic who successfully passes the Magic Ball test. The blowgun is long and thin, and is coloured red and grey.

Upon passing the Magic Ball test as part of his studies at the School of Magic, Twinsen receives the blowgun as a reward. With it, he is able to walk around more safely around the planet, capable of defeating the rival esmers more easily. Also, it's possible to go back to the Magic Ball Test room, and complete the test using the blowgun rather than the magic ball. Doing so rewards Twinsen with a clover leaf. Other than that, Twinsen uses the blowgun only occasinally.

At the Mosquibees Village, Twinsen has to pass the Test of Truth as a proof his good intentions. By passing this test, he earns a blowtron, a similar to yet more powerful weapon than the blowgun.


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