Island of the Celebration

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Island of the Celebration
Island of the Celebration
Inhabitants None
Size Small
Type Lava
Transportation Cab
Celebration Island with Dark Monk's statue emerged from the volcano

The Island of the Celebration, also known as Celebration Island, is an island on the Surface of Zeelich, dominated by the volcano of the celebration. The floating lava of the volcano has cut gaps in the path which once used to surround it, which made it impossible to collect crystals. There's a little harbour at the edge of the volcano.

Uninhabitable, the island is used for traditional celebrations and is the place of Dark Monk's temple. Deep inside the volcano there is Dark Monk's statue, which emerges from the crater each time a big celebration is held.

The island is continued in the under-gas with the Island below the Island of the Celebration.

Twinsen has to visit Celebration Island several times in Little Big Adventure 2. He first has to find the one who has returned from Island CX in order to get a hint of how to get there. He also has to get a Crystal of Celebration, to make the laser pistol he got from the dissidents' work.

In the end, Twinsen returns to the island to prevent FunFrock from destroying Twinsun. He uses Dark Monk's key to get the statue out of the crater. Doing this he fulfills the Zeelichian prophecy. He fights his way through the statue which has been transformed to a military fortress by FunFrock, and thus is able to save the wizards and children imprisoned there and defeat FunFrock.

Celebration Island as a mere mountain

Endless lava streams leave the volcano of the Celebration, filling Zeelich's true surface with a sea of lava. After the prophecy of Dark Monk is fulfilled, the giant mountain that forms the Island of the Celebration stops being a volcano. All of the gas layer is sucked into the crater, and a source of water starts to pour out from the caldera. The water falls a long way down onto the surface which used to be a lava sea. Immediately, forests grow on the wasteland, and a river appears. The event leaves the former island as one of the smallest peak of the mountains which used to protrude over the gas layer.

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