Island of the White Leaf Desert

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Island of the White Leaf Desert
Island of the White Leaf Desert
Inhabitants A lot
Size Large
Type Desert
Transportation Ferry

Personal craft

The Island of the White Leaf Desert, also known as Desert Island, is the largest island in the Southern Hemisphere of Twinsun. While only a small part of the island is available for visit in Little Big Adventure 1, in Little Big Adventure 2 the entire island is reachable.

The island is located at the southern pole of the planet, is considered dry waste and consists mostly of the White Leaf Desert. It is therefore not heavily populated compared to other islands in the Southern Hemisphere.


In Little Big Adventure 1

During FunFrock's tyrany, the White Leaf Desert suffers the least out of all the lands. Considered a dry waste land at the southern most pole, FunFrock only positioned sparatic forces along the coast, as to keep dissidents from defecting into the wilds. At that time, only the island's harbour and a part of the desert are reachable.

Twinsen goes to the island in search for the Temple of Bu, after learning that it is linked with Sendell's prophecy. In this island Twinsen finds the Book of Bu, as well as receiving the blue card from Joe the Elf, and a space guitar from the wise rabbibunny in the desert.

In Little Big Adventure 2

In LBA 2, the Island of the White Leaf Desert is one of only two islands Twinsen visits on Twinsun, and a much greater deal of time is spent there. Accordingly, the island has many more places available for visit.

In the second game, Desert Island houses a new established city, Port-Ludo, at the south of the island. What was once the Temple of Bu has become Temple Park, now a tourist attraction. In addition to the temple, the race track also provides entertainment, as well as the Hacienda.

A cemetery in the middle of the island hides the School of Magic. Bald Mountain, the highest point on the island, houses a secret base used by the esmers during their control of the planet. Additionally, a small island named the Island across the Hacienda is just off-shore Desert Island, and is considered a part of it.

Twinsen first goes to the island in order to search for the healing wizard Ker'aooc, but soon finds himself in many more adventures, such as completing the tests of the School of Magic, or sneaking into the Esmers base to steal an Esmer shuttle.

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