Island of the Dome of the Slate

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The island of the Dome of the Slate
The Dome of the Slate
A map of the Dome

The Island of the Dome of the Slate is a small island located just near Citadel Island. The island is too small to live on, and is mainly used by the School of Magic for school tests.

During his studies at the School of Magic, Twinsen has to complete a test on the island. However, he cannot reach this island using the ferry services, and should therefore cure Dino-Fly first for him to take him there. By completing another test of the school, Twinsen receives the Horn of the Blue Triton, which he uses to cure the Dino-Fly. He can then use him to reach the island.

On the island, Twinsen enters a room where the floor beneath him is transparent, and only becomes visible within a few paces of his position. He has to track his way through the room, until he reaches the door opposite the entrance. Outside the dome is a map of the place, which Twinsen can use when getting stuck. When Twinsen reaches the exit, the Mentor of the School of Magic arrives, and gives Twinsen a magic slate.

Inside the dome there is a clover box, as well as two stars containing a large amount of life candies.

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