Elevator to the under-gas

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Elevator to the under-gas
Elevator to the under-gas
Inhabitants None
Size Small
Type Other
Transportation Airship from Francos Island

Elevator to Wannies Island

The Elevator to the under-gas is a construction built on the Island of the Wannies. It is so high that it protrudes through the gas-layer, making it essentially part of the surface of Zeelich. From the surface, it forms the platform of the Francos. From the under-gas, it is called the elevator to the surface. Apart from the secret passage on Island CX which leads to Mosquibee Island, it is the only way to get from Zeelich's Surface to the under-gas.

The elevator consists of two shafts which can be used to travel between the surface and the under-gas. The elevator protects the traveller from the toxic gases of the gas layer and the gas monsters. It is mainly used for economic purposes: From the platform of the Francos, the gems from the Wannies' mines in the under-gas are shipped to the Gazogem Refinery on the Island of the Francos, where they are refined to gazogem. The platform cannot be reached by regular Zeelichian cabs. On the under-gas side, the elevator is shut off from the public by heavy army presence.

Twinsen goes to this elevator in order to reach the Undergas, en route to Island CX. To reach the elevator, Twinsen steals a tanker airship from the harbour of the Francos at Francos Island. Once there, he is attacked by a mercenary sent to kill him. After defeating the mercenary, Twinsen can descend down into the under-gas.

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