Emperor's Sword

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Emperor's Sword
Emperor's Sword
Effective against All enemies
Firing rate Slow/Fast, depending on behaviour
Damage per hit A lot
Range Melee

The emperor's sword is the sword of the Emperor of Zeelich. It is one of the strongest weapons available on either Zeelich or Twinsun.

After killing the emperor, Twinsen gets his sword by openning the chest in the middle of the room using the key the emperor left behind him. The sword's behaviour, just like the magic ball, changes according to Twinsen's behavior:

  • Normal: Twinsen hits the enemy by walking forward and cutting.
  • Sporty: Twinsen jumpes back once and then forwards to hit the enemy.
  • Agressive: Twinsen actes extremer than in Normal mode, and also jumps and turns a couple of times at the enemy.
  • Discreet: Twinsen uses the sword as silent as possible. He also acts the least aggresive.

Twinsen can immediately test the sword, as an hussars guard comes down the elevator as soon as the sword is in his possession. This is the only weapon which can defeat the guards at the palace, ring of lightning inclusive. Without it, Twinsen is not able to enter the Emperor's Palace in his search for the Sups fragment.


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