Magic Saber

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Magic Saber
Magic Saber
Effective against All enemies
Firing rate Slow/Fast,
depending on behaviour
Damage per hit A lot
Range Melee

The Magic Saber is a saber that once belonged to Dr. FunFrock, although he does not actually use it in the game. This saber is considered the most powerful weapon on Twinsun, and is capable of killing most creatures.

In Little Big Adventure 1, the saber is locked in a safe in FunFrock's headquarters at Principal Island. This safe is guarded by a few clones, including a clone of FunFrock himself.

Twinsen finds the sword in the safe when he comes to the hadquarters to search for the plans of the Teleportation Center.

The way Twinsen uses the saber may varies, depending on his behaviour:

  • Normal: Twinsen hits the enemy by walking forward and cutting.
  • Sporty: Twinsen jumps back once and then forward to hit the enemy.
  • Agressive: Twinsen acts extremer than in Normal mode, and also jumps and turns a couple of times at the enemy.
  • Discreet: Twinsen uses the sword as silent as possible. He also acts the least aggresive.

Using the sword, Twinsen is able to defeat some enemies he couldn't beforehand, such as red clones. In the final battle against FunFrock in the Well of Sendell, it's possible to kill him only with the sword.

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