Hamalayi Mountains

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Hamalayi Mountains
Hamalayi Mountains
Inhabitants A few
Size Huge
Type Ice
Transportation Personal craft

Landing boat from Rebellion Island
Transportation tunnel

The Hamalayi Mountains are the snowy mountains all around Twinsun's equator. Since the two suns of Twinsun warm the poles of the planet, the coldest regions are around the equator, thus forming the icy condition of the mountains.

In Little Big Adventure 1, Twinsen finds out that the Hamalayi Mountains are actually possible to cross, unlike being told by a grobo in the library. There are only a few ways known to do this. One way is through the Okojo pass, and the other is through tunnels Dr. FunFrock made for transportation. Those tunnels have a very fast shuttle in them which can quickly travel from one side of the mountain range to the other.

The Hamalayi Mountains are guarded by FunFrock's soldiers since he didn't want any civilians in the Northern Hemisphere, because of the secret plans he established there. The Okojo pass, the main route through the Hamalayi Mountains, is well guarded by FunFrock's troops. But Twinsen and the rebels take over this pass by force, mainly to free Colonel Kroptman, the leader of the rebellion.

FunFrock built a mutant factory at the north end of the Hamalayi Mountains, near a small rabbibunny village. The clones from this factory are mostly used to scare people to keep them away from the Northern Hemisphere. The rabbibunny village has a passage to the northern coastline of the mountains, through the door of the Sacred Carrot.

Also at the north side of the Hamalayi Mountains is the magical Clear Water Lake, a ski summit and a small guarding post of Dr. FunFrock. At the southern half of the Hamalayi Mountains are mainly forts and guard posts of FunFrock.

Aside for taking over Okojo Pass with the aid of the rebels, Twinsen also destroys the mutant factory and fills his bottle with clear water at the Clear Water Lake to raise his level of magic.


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