Island of the Francos

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Island of the Francos
Island of the Francos
Inhabitants A lot
Size Medium
Type Rock
Transportation Cab

Airship to Elevator

The Island of the Francos is an island on the surface of Zeelich, which is the home to most Francos of the planet. It consists of three main parts: the Village of the Francos, the Gazogem Refinery and a harbour.

In the village are a bazaar, a kindergarten and a pub.

In the refinery, Gazogem is made out of gems collected in the mines on the island of the Wannies in the undergas. The area is closed, but i accessible by jumping on a dent in the fence.

Though the name would suggest it, the harbour is not the place where cabs from Otringal and Celebration Island dock, but the place for the tankers to Otringal or the Elevator to the Undergas. The cabs instead accept passengers at the entrance of the village.

Twinsen has to go to the island of the Francos several times in his adventure. He has to get the gazogem can from the refinery in order to get the Super Jet-Pack and the fuel for Baldino's Spaceship. He also has to use the tanker in the harbour, as it is the only way to access the Elevator to the Undergas. This is also the island where he finds the Francos Fragment, which was hidden in the village by Roger de la Fontaine.

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