Island of the Mosquibees

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Island of the Mosquibees
Island of the Mosquibees
Inhabitants A lot
Size Medium
Type Lava
Transportation Ferryman

Elevator from Island CX

The Island of the Mosquibees is an island in the Undergas of Zeelich, which is the home to the Mosquibees of the planet. This island is right beneath Island CX on the surface, and is connected to it through an elevator. The island appears to be devoid of life to the untrained eye, because the mosquibees have built their village inside the cliffs, away from prying eyes.

Twinsen searches for the Island of the Mosquibees as a passage island to Island CX, following the advice of the dissidents. He reaches the island with the service of the ferryman, who takes him there from the Island of the Wannies. When arriving to the island, Twinsen finds a mosquibee on the beach, who takes him to Astrid, the queen of the mosquibees. Just after proving his trustworthiness to her, the island is attacked by the Emperor's soldiers, and the queen is captured. After talking with the queen in her cell in Wannies Island, Twinsen receives from her the key to the passage which leads to Island CX. Twinsen goes to the island again, to open the passage and reach Island CX.

It is also on the Island of the Mosquibees that Twinsen finds the Mosquibees Fragment, on the island guarding it.

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