Island of the Wannies

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Island of the Wannies
Island of the Wannies
Inhabitants A lot
Size Large
Type Lava
Transportation Elevator


The Island of the Wannies is an island in the Undergas of Zeelich, which is the home to the Wannies of the planet. The island is reachable from the Surface through the Elevator to the Undergas.

On this island there is a large deposit of gems, which are refinedd into gazogem. Many of the wannies work as gems extractors at the mines beneath the island.

The Island of the Wannies is Twinsen's first stop in the Undergas, coming down from the elevator. He first searches for a way to reach the Island of the Mosquibees, which he eventually does with the service of the ferryman, to whom he pays 4 gems he finds in the mines on the island. In the mines he also finds the Wannies Fragment.

Twinsen later comes to the island after the queen of the Mosquibees is captured by the Emperor's soldiers. He finds the queen locked in the offices of the Building Company, and receives from her the key to the passage which leads to Island CX.

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