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Effective against Red enemies and lower
Firing rate Slow
Damage per hit A lot
Range Infinite

The laser pistol of Zarnon, usually referred to as laser-pistol, is a pistol loaded with rock crystal. This pistol fires short, perfectly horizontal and slow moving laser rays that explode upon impact. It causes lots of damage, and due to the horizontal rays it has a very long range. However, it reloads very slowly.

Twinsen receives the laser pistol from the dissidents in the Twinsunian Souvenir Shop when they help him prepare for the journey to Island CX. They instruct him to load the pistol with rock crystal mined from the Island of the Celebration. Twinsen goes there, and with a pick-ax he buys from the Francos bazaar, he mines the rock crystal and loads the pistol with it.

Without the pistol, Twinsen cannot reach the levers that control the door leading to the Francos harbour, from which he takes a tanker to the Elevator to the Undergas.

The laser pistol also serves as an effective weapon, especially against far away enemies.

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