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The Library of Principal Island
The library building from the outside.

The Principal Island library is located in Principal Island, behind FunFrock's Headquarters.

The library building is massive, and is one of the largest building in the entire planet. It consists of two floors, the bottom one dedicated to restricted publications. The top floor, in addition to book shelves, contains a reading room and a projection room showing movies. A rabbibunny librarian manages the place, and is assisted by another rabbibunny at the reception.

Although Twinsen first goes to the library with no specific destination in mind, he is able to gain there lots of information from the readers, who tell him about the Hamalayi Mountains, the Clear Water Lake or about a solution to a puzzle in the Temple of Bù. The librarian tells Twinsen that he will show him the restricted publications section, if he improves the water taste of the island. After Twinsen does so, the librarian takes him to this section, where Twinsen reads about the Legend of Sendell, and the key to finding the Book of Bù.

Twinsen later arrives to the library in sesarch of Leborgne's treasure, after Wadbull tells him that he sold LeBorgne's log to the library. Twinsen hears from a grobo reading the log that the treasure is found in Proxima Island.

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