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Encyclopedia Twinsunica Latest News Update:

3rd July 2008

  • A new front page has been designed by Torch, and a post about it has been submitted to the MBN Forums. Thanks to Wacko and Homeless for the image!
  • Various LBA-related happenings have occoured, including progress on the LBA: Prequel and LBA: The Great Rebellion projects.

Welcome to Encyclopedia Twinsunica. This is the product of what once started as the LBA compendium project in December 2000. The goal of this project is to make a complete encyclopedia of the worlds of the adventure games Little Big Adventure (Relentless) and Little Big Adventure 2 (Twinsen's Oddysey).

The Twinsunica currently contains 389 articles.

WARNING: This is a complete encyclopedia, meaning everything will be written about. This encyclopedia is full with spoilers!! So it's recommended not to read any further without having both games played. Otherwise, spoilers at your own risk.

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