Polar Island

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Polar Island
Polar Island
Inhabitants None
Size Small
Type Green
Transportation By foot
Twinsen standing on top of the Well of Sendell

Polar Island is an island at the northern pole of Twinsun. This island is the gateway to the Well of Sendell. Surrounded by a myriad of smaller isles, Polar Island appears to be a large crater filled with water. In the middle of this basin, a spire juts out of the water, scraping the sky. The construction that FunFrock planned has severely damaged the island and its natural inhabitants.

This was the final island Twinsen visits while removing FunFrock from power. His teleportation, mutation, and cloning facilities in shambles, FunFrock makes Polar Island his last stand. Twinsen reaches the island through the construction site, which connects Polar Island to Fortress Island. After a short conversation with FunFrock and Zoe, a battle commences between FunFrock and Twinsen. Twinsen drops FunFrock down the mountain and enters the Well of Sendell, where he meets another clone of FunFrock. After defeating him too, Twinsen and Zoe leave the island with the help of the Sendells.

Although Polar Island is not available for visiting in Little Big Adventure 2, the final scene of the game takes place thre. When Twinsen leaves Zeelich in order to stop Emerald Moon from hitting Twinsun, he goes to Polar Island, and from the top of the well, uses his magic powers to stop the moon.


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