Principal Island

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Principal Island
Principal Island
Inhabitants A lot
Size Large
Type Green
Transportation Ferry

Personal craft

Principal Island is one of the most populated islands in all of Twinsun.

Being the second largest island on the Southern Hemisphere (after the Island of the White Leaf Desert), Principal Island is a hub of constant activity. Because of its size and population, FunFrock chose Principal Island to build his headquarters on. FunFrock also built a training ground for his military on the outskirts of town. Additionally, the island has a very extensive library.

The Old Burg, a multi-leveled city, is home to many inhabitants. During FunFrock's rule, the Old Burg is held in a dangerously strict police state, which causes much resentment within the populace.

More peaceful surroundings on the island include Peg-Leg Street, Port-Belooga and the Ruins, all lie on the waterfront.

Twinsen often uses Principal Island as a go-between for many of his quests. He first goes to the island in search for Zoe, after he hears that her arresters took her there. Twinsen is able to find several points of valuable information as he slowly wins over the hearts and minds of the residents of the Old Burg. He is also able to learn significantly more about The Forbidden Legend and the role he plays in it.

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