Rebellion Island

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Rebellion Island
Rebellion Island
Inhabitants A few
Size Large
Type Green
Transportation Personal craft

Landing boat to Hamalayi Mountains

Rebellion Island is a crescent-shaped island in the Southern Hemisphere of Twinsun.

Subject to constant bombings by the forces of FunFrock, the rebels have waged an ongoing war, tearing down the teleportation pads, destroying all the clones, and vanquishing the presence of FunFrock from its shores. However, their freedom comes at a costly price since much of the island has been destroyed.

A pirate flag is used by the locals as a sign of trust. Visitors are carrying such a flag on their vessel as a proof of their trustworthiness. However, ships appropaching the island without such a flag are met with a fusillade from the rebels.

The rebels on the island are concentrated on two main points: the harbour and the rebel camp. A buggy is used for travelling between these two places.

Twinsen arrives to the island using his catamaran, but he should first hang a pirate flag on it, which he steals from the Maritime Museum. If he tries accessing the island prior to hanging the flag on his ship, he is scared away by the shots of the rebels, and flees to the Hamalayi Mountains, where he learns from a rebel rabbibunny that he should use a pirate flag to prove of his good intentions.

On the island, Twinsen joins the rebels in their fight against FunFrock. Together with them he goes to the Hamalayi Mountains, where they take control of Okojo Pass, and free the rebel leader, Colonel Kroptman.

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