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Magic level Fire
On hit Moves backwards
Recovery Fast
Firing rate High
Damage per hit Very high
Weapon range Infinite
Move Speed Fast

Supergros are white grobo clones. They are armed with tablet launchers with which they can put anyone they hit to sleep. These people can then be brought to the nearest prison. They can be found in every prison and would teleport out of a telepod when alarmed by a nurse. Some can also be seen guarding the upper areas of Old Burg, or FunFrock's Headquarters.

Twinsen is not able to face the supergros for a long time, and each time he meets one of them, he is instantly carried to the nearest prison. However, after he gets the last level of magic with the flask of clear water, he is able to fight them. Then, they no longer shoot sleeping tablets, but deadly red projectiles, which can kill Twinsen in three hits.

Twinsen has to fight a supergro in the entrance of FunFrock's Headquarters, to get the key to enter it.


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