Tippett Island

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Tippett Island
Tippett Island
Inhabitants A lot
Size Medium
Type Green
Transportation Hydroglider




During Dr. FunFrock's rise to power, he began to force the denizens of the northern hemisphere to migrate, across the Hamalayi Mountain Range, to the southern hemisphere. Tippett Island was one such island that was under this law. However, the people rebeled and hid deep beneath the surface of Tippett Island, unknown to Dr. FunFrock and his legions.

Assumed to be devoid of intelligent life, Tippett Island was overlooked during much of FunFrock's reign. But to those in the know, or to those seeking relief from the constant pressures of strict conformity, Tippett Island was sanctuary. On the surface, the cities had been destroyed. Piles of bricks cascade down stairwells into the remnants of the massive sewers. Those were all that remained after Tippett's fall. Establishing Funky-Town, the underground city was an outlet for criminal activity as well as relaxation.

Role in Twinsen's adventure

Twinsen rarely set foot on the surface of Tippett Island. Rather, he spent most of his time, while on Tippett, dodging between the waterways of Funky-Town. After doing a favor for the bartender of the 'Twinsun Cafe' in Funky-Town, he was granted access to a long sewer duct, which was infested by leftover mutants from FunFrock's invasion. When he did finally reach the surface, he met his most useful ally against FunFrock, his Dino-Fly.

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