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The upper city of Otringal
"Sup representative. The Sups live in the upper city of Otringal. They are the planet's intellectual elite and always hold the highest positions."
- A plaque in Dark Monk's temple


The upper city is the second highest place of Otringal. The only building is the Imperial Hotel, a luxury hotel not open to the public. The upper city is closest to the Emperor's palace. The palace gates are guarded by hussars of the imperial guard, whose parade is ment to be a tourist attraction, although it is not very popular. The palace has it's own landing place for shuttles.

The exclusiveness of the area makes it to the socially most important place on Zeelich.

Role in Twinsen's adventure

On Rick's reference Twinsen had to see Johnny Rocket in the Imperial Hotel. As the elevators to the upper city were out of order, he had to find another way of reaching it. After winning the super jackpot in the casino, he found a secret back door of it. Having to use his super jet-pack over a small river, he got to a rocky path approaching the upper city from the other side.

Later on his second adventure, Twinsen came back to the upper city with the personal spacecraft of the Emperor. He had to get the Sups fragment stored inside the palace. In the meanwhile, the elevators to the upper city had been repaired.

Additional Quotes

""You are in the upper city of Otringal.""
- A sign
"I'll level with you. Unfortunately, I have no one who can accommodate your needs. But there's a group of dissidents who are very hostile to the government. Go see Johnny Rocket. Tell him Rick sent you, and he'll take you to them. He lives at the Imperial hotel, in the upper city."
- Rick
"You can't climb to the upper city, sir. The elevators are temporarily out of order."
- A franco in the elevators building
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