Island below the Island of the Celebration

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Island below the Island of the Celebration
Island below the Island of the Celebration
Inhabitants None
Size Medium
Type Lava
Transportation Ferryman

The Volcano Island, alternately the Island below the Island of the Celebration or the Island below the Volcano of the Celebration, is an island in the lava sea in Zeelich's under-gas. It is the bottom part of the mountain that forms the Island of the Celebration on the surface.

Igneous rock protrudes at irregular angles while the never-ceasing flow of lava pours down from above, literally slicing the island in two. Scattered about the island are braziers that burn so brightly that they exude chunks of lava as well. The braziers, along with the dock of the ferryman, are the only signs of civilization on the otherwise deserted island.

Unlike other places in the under-gas, Volcano Island cannot be directly reached from the surface. The only way to reach it is with the ferryman's service. For four gems, the traveller may reach it from the Island of the Mosquibees or the Island of the Wannies.

Many gems can be found lying around on the island, due to the volcanic nature of the area. The only place of interest is the cave in the mountain which serves as a secret hideout for the Mosquibees of the Island of the Mosquibees. It is only used in emergencies, and thus most of the time the island is completely uninhabitated.

After the assault on the Village of the Mosquibees, those who escape capture flee to this island. There, Twinsen gets help from the refugees in obtaining the key to the passage which leads to Island CX.

The Island below the Island of the Celebration seen after the curse was lifted from Zeelich

Visiting the island is in fact not a compulsory part in completing the game. Instead, Twinsen can go from the Mosquibees Island straight to the Wannies Island, and skip the Volcano Island altogether.

After the prophecy of Dark Monk is fulfilled, the lava stops erupting from the volcano, and the Island below the Island of the Celebration becomes a bare rock surrounded by forests.

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