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Wizard's Diploma
"Your diploma in magic has allowed you to reach the green ball level of magic."
- Official description



The Wizard's Diploma is the official proof that the owner is a fully licensed wizard. This diplioma is given to anyone who graduates from the School of Magic by the Mentor of the school.

Role in Twinsen's adventure

In order to heal his Dino-fly, Twinsen had to become a fully licensed wizard. For this, he had to pass three tests: the magic ball test, the garden balsam flower test, and the Dome of the Slate test.

Upon completion of all three tests, Twinsen became a wizard, and received the desired diploma, making his magic level rise to Green Ball. He was then able to buy a wizard's parade tunic from the wizard Chedil Amiradoo, which made him look like a wizard. He was then able to go to Zeelich, and find out more details about the disappearance of the wizards.

When arriving on Zeelich for the second time, Twinsen found no more use for the diploma, and, needing the money, sold it to the Twinsunian Souvenir Shop.

Additional quotes

"You can bring me the result of each test at your leisure, but I will give you your wizard's diploma and your new level of magic only after you succeed in all 3 tests."
- Mentor of the School of Magic
"Bravo Twinsen. You now bear the title of wizard."
- Mentor of the School of Magic
"You just received your wizard's diploma. Plus you just earned a new level of magic: green Ball."
- When Twinsen received his diploma
"My dear sir, my goods are only available for fully licensed wizards."
- Chedil Amiradoo
"I hold a wizard's diploma"
- Twinsen

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